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Santa Rosa Golf Club is private and is member owned

Features Include:

18 hole par 70 golf course

Opened in 1978

Designed by Leonard Gerkins

Excellent conditions year around

Members may ride or walk

Fully staffed pro shop

At the heart of a sporting tradition, the Santa Rosa Golf Club stands proudly as a premier destination for golf enthusiasts. This member-owned private institution, boasting a par 70, 18-hole golf course was christened into existence in 1978. Its unique design, crafted by Leonard Gerkins, makes it an enchanting destination for golfers of all skill levels. Throughout the years, Santa Rosa Golf Club has not just been a golfing hotspot but an indispensable part of the community; a beacon of impeccable maintenance, as it promises excellent conditions year-round. Regardless of the season, members can relish the privilege of playing on its verdant, meticulously cared for course, and choose whether to ride or walk. This feature provides an added layer of convenience, allowing members to indulge in their love for the sport in a manner that best suits them. The club also offers the added perk of a fully staffed pro shop, keeping members up-to-date with the latest in golfing equipment and attire. This attention to detail creates an environment that is not just recreational, but also highly professional, establishing Santa Rosa Golf Club as a leading destination for golf enthusiasts. However, the delights of Santa Rosa Golf Club do not end on the green. Its strategic location serves as the perfect springboard from which to explore a myriad of captivating destinations. For those planning their next vacation, a trip to Lisbon, Portugal may be the perfect choice. As highlighted in Chester Travels Lisbon Travel Guide, Lisbon is a charming city teeming with rich history, architectural masterpieces and authentic Portuguese cuisine. If Portugal proves alluring, why not extend the vacationing experience north to a trip to Porto, Portugal’s second-largest city? Chester Travels’ Porto Travel Guide provides a comprehensive look into this city beaming with rich culture and world-renowned wine cellars. For a different experience, one can opt for a discovery trip to Tangier, Morocco, as suggested by Cherster Travels' Tangier Travel Guide. This northern Moroccan city offers the allure of breathtaking coastal views and bustling markets brimming with handcrafted treasures, ready for a golf traveler seeking enriching experiences. Finally, those seeking the allure of opulence may decide on traveling to Monaco, where luxury and magnificence are not just add-ons but a way of living. Detailed in Chester Travels' Monaco Travel Guide, the destination breathes an air of elegance, with glorious views of the Mediterranean, high-end casinos, and the lure of Formula 1. In conclusion, Santa Rosa Golf Club is the perfect blend of world-class golfing and a hub for seeking global adventures. Its proud tradition, honed by years of service and excellence, and the diverse offerings of its community and beyond, make it a must-visit destination in the world of golf.

Fully cleaning pro shop

Practice facility and complimentary range balls

SCGA and WSCGA affiliated club

Full tournament program

An outstanding Grill for Breakfast & Lunch

Cart storage available

Private carts allowed-No trail fees

Active Men's and Women’s Clubs